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Fires & Explosions

Plastic Gas Cans: Children are Hurt in 40 Percent of Documented Explosions

Three-year-old Landon Beadore was mom's official little helper, according to his dad, Paul. One of his duties was to pick up toys before his mom mowed the yard. "He was putting his sister's bike in the cellar when he accidentally tips over the gas can," recalls his dad. "Vapors from the gas can went along the cellar floor. There was an ignition and the fire...
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Flaw in Gas Can Design Can Cause Explosions and Serious Injuries

Three-year-old Landon Beadore was helping his mom pick up toys when he knocked over a plastic gas can just like the one pictured here. The pilot light on a nearby water heater ignited the gas fumes, which flashed back to the nozzle on the gas can, turning it into a firebomb. Landon's horrible experience has been repeated more than 75 times throughout the country, burning...
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Quebec Rail Explosion Death Toll Climbs to as High as 50

Officials in Canada are now saying that in addition to the 20 people confirmed killed in the rail explosion Sunday in Quebec, the 30 missing people are presumed dead in the inferno. As distraught families frantically try to find their loved ones, rescue teams reportedly have found it difficult to go through the rubble because of the intensity of the blast. Among those to blame...
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Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion: Are these Events Common?

When the Texas fertilizer plant explosion occurred on April 17, 2013, it signaled a need to understand how often these types of events occur. The answers - spanning nearly the course of a century - may be an indicator of where we could be headed. History Repeats Itself   Since 1921, there have been at least 17 unintended explosions of ammonium nitrate worldwide, according to...
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Tragedy in Texas: Fertilizer Plant Explosion

More details are being released regarding the tragic explosion in Texas following the explosion of a fertilizer plant near Waco. Authorities are now revealing that as many as 45 people have been killed and more than 200 injured. Several media reports have said that authorities told them "with heavy hearts" that the bodies of 12 people were pulled from the area of the plant explosion....
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