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How You Can Help in the Face of a Quarantine

As Mr. Rogers said on his children’s show decades ago, when bad things happen, his mother would say, “Look for the helpers.” No doubt those in the medical field have stepped up as the front line “helpers.” Those who continue to make sure that millions are able to eat and keep quarantined safely are also the “helpers.” CNN recently reported on a story of an...
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“Stop Trying to Be Productive”

"Stop Trying to Be Productive" That’s the headline a New York Times reporter used who wrote that “America’s always-on work culture” has resulted in people feeling that they must be productive every nano-second, even with the added stress of a pandemic around them. Taylor Lorenz, New York Times technology reporter covering internet culture, talked to a number of experts. One said that the shelter-at-home has more millennials...
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Inspirational Quotes and Words of Wisdom During Pandemic Times

Everyone can use some words of inspiration during these very unique and difficult times. Just watching the news can create panic or depression, particularly for those who are quarantined without others around them or an extended family/friend support system. Clifford Law Offices compiled some helpful tips, including links that very busy people can benefit from, even but for a few moments of the day. We...
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Lawyering in the Time of Coronavirus – Interview with Tracy Brammeier

The Young Lawyers Section (YLS) of The Chicago Bar Association started a video blog (Vlog) series called "Lawyering in the Time of Coronavirus" that will showcase many of its members. The second in the series features YLS Second Vice Chair, Tracy Brammeier, Associate at Clifford Law Offices. Lawyers are navigating practicing law while social distancing and are finding creative solutions to do so. In this video,...
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