Kristofer Riddle: 15 Years of Client Advocacy
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    Personal Injury Lawyer Kristofer Riddle: 15 Years of Client Advocacy

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    Posted on April 22, 2024 To
    Personal Injury Lawyer Kristofer Riddle: 15 Years of Client Advocacy

    At the foundation of any successful business are individuals who have a deep passion for their work and a mastery of application. Clifford Law Offices, Chicago’s premier personal injury firm, is no stranger to tenured partners who have spent decades building skilled careers devoted to client advocacy.

    A leading personal injury lawyer in Chicago and partner at Clifford Law Offices, Kristofer S. Riddle is recognized for his notable work surrounding serious and extensive class action lawsuits and mass casualty torts. His dedication and diligence in the investigation and preparation of complex cases that pursue justice for those harmed by negligence and wrongdoing have led to a successful and fulfilling career in personal injury law. Kris stands by clients facing their darkest moments, protecting their rights, and helping them navigate devastating challenges toward a brighter future.

    Surrounded by family members who committed their lives to public service, Kris’ passion for helping others was defined from a young age. Seeing the work of his father and grandfather, both fire chiefs in the Chicago area, Kris knew he wanted to follow in their footsteps of supporting those who need the most help, but wanted to do so from a position that could facilitate a significant and lasting impact.

    “I saw an opportunity in personal injury law to offer real help to those suffering. I developed an understanding of how personal injury lawyers can have a positive impact and saw how a career in law aligned with my worldview.”
    – Kristofer Riddle, Partner, Clifford Law Offices

    Kris pursued his law career beginning as a student at DePaul University College of Law. Having grown up in Chicago, he was familiar with Clifford Law Offices and the reputation of Bob Clifford, well-known for his expertise and unmatched record of success in the Chicago area. Being a part of the renowned Clifford Law Offices team, Kris knew he would be presented with the most interesting and complex cases which would likely have an impact on his community and future generations.

    “I wanted to learn from the best, so of course all paths lead to Clifford Law Offices.”
    – Kristofer Riddle

    A sentiment that is carried with him to every deposition and trial, and demonstrated through empathy, understanding, and communication, Kris truly wants the best for each of his clients and their families. His care and attention to his cases extend beyond the courtroom with the intent of drawing attention to the deep underlying impact of the claims he receives. His work often reveals particular negligent practices or systems that allow for such incidents to occur, and provide opportunity for systemic change.

    Among his cases that have influenced public awareness is Hale, et al. v. State Farm Mut. Auto Ins. Co., et al., which was a complex class action claim brought against State Farm Insurance on behalf of policyholders that alleged that State Farm conspired to secretly support the election of an Illinois State Supreme Court Justice who voted to overturn a $1 billion judgment pending against State Farm. Kris’ work on the case led to a $250 million settlement on the first day of trial and shed light on the influence of dark money in the political sphere.

    In addition, Kris handled the high-profile deadly Amtrak derailment in DuPont, Washington that affected hundreds of passengers and their families. He helped recover a $16.75 million verdict on behalf of three clients who were severely injured and additional settlements totaling over $56 million for other parties injured in the derailment. Kris is now lead counsel on the case litigating an Amtrak derailment that happened in Montana in 2021.

    “At Clifford Law Offices, we are presented with the most interesting and complex cases that often have a great impact on the lives of many. There is no other place where I would have exposure to the diversity and strata of matters that I am fortunate enough to work on at Clifford Law Offices.”
    – Kristofer Riddle

    The intersection of preparation and opportunity placed him in a unique position with the firm to make a sizable impact on many in his efforts to handle landmark transportation and mass tort cases. His efforts have been recognized by numerous awards including the Public Justice Trial Lawyer of the Year Award in 2019, Chicago Lawyer’s Top Forty Lawyers in Illinois Under 40 Award, and the Law Bulletin Publishing Company Trial Lawyer Excellence Award, among others.

    While he is recognized for the excellent outcomes of his work, Kris finds success in knowing that he has been a tool to help usher clients from the lowest point of their lives onto a trajectory of returning to life before catastrophic events. He sees his responsibility as a lawyer to identify issues, deploy resources, and meet clients where they are.

    “It is a job where you are constantly recognizing your audience and translating the law to the client in an understandable way. Everyone will engage differently and it is a lawyer’s responsibility to facilitate understanding.”
    – Kristofer Riddle

    A unique attribute to the nature of the cases he handles, Kris has worked extensively with individuals from all walks of life, learning to recognize people’s differences and attached cultural nuances. He appreciates the psychology behind the diversity of his clients and utilizes his strengths in communication and problem-solving to reach agreement and resolution. Major cases take years to resolve but Kris ensures his loyalty lies with his clients. He makes a constant effort to understand and educate, building trust and friendship, as he helps support them toward new beginnings.

    The initial motivation to become a lawyer to continue a legacy of public service has led to a tremendous career with Clifford Law Offices. In the past fifteen years, Kris has demonstrated immense success in his goal to serve the community, help others, and affect change. Clifford Law Offices is proud to have him on the team!