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    Posted on April 30, 2008 To

    Robert Clifford Settles Case on Behalf of Victims of Horrific Smokey Fire for $100 Million

    Robert A. Clifford, lead counsel for the plaintiffs in the fire that killed six and injured 16 others at the Cook County Administration Building, announced a $100 million settlement Monday, April 28, 2008, just moments before jury selection was scheduled to begin against the City of Chicago and two other defendants. The case was to start that morning against the city as well as 69 West Washington Management Company, managers of the building, and UBM,…

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    Posted on December 13, 2007 To

    Approach the Bench: Shannon M. McNulty

    Shannon McNulty was a freckled redhead, growing up on Chicago’s South Side. Shannon recalls her dad planning the family’s annual vacations, and trips to her uncle’s Michigan home, where the entire clan would gather for water-skiing. Shannon also recalls the many days she would spend with her grandmother, then a Chicago police officer. Her grandfather, too, was a Chicago police officer. Although she describes her family as a “typical Irish Catholic household which didn’t eat…

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    Posted on December 18, 2006 To

    Approach the Bench: Craig J. Squillace

    Ask Craig Squillace his most memorable case and he tells the story of a young woman who was physically challenged early in life due to a brain aneurysm. Dependent on public transportation, she was on a bus heading to her government job. On the way, the bus lost control and hit an embankment in suburban Mount Prospect. The 46-year-old woman was thrown from her seat and suffered severe bruising, contusions and fractured ribs which became…

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    Posted on March 26, 2004 To

    $38.3 Million Verdict Rendered by Cook County Injury in Truck-Car Collision

    A $38.3 million verdict was returned March 26 by a Cook County Circuit Court jury on behalf of a west suburban family who was tragically devastated by a multiple truck-car crash on I-90 near Rockford in 1999. The three-man-nine-woman jury deliberated five days before rendering the verdict against three trucking firms who caused the pile-up Feb. 12, five years ago. Four year old Teagan Yoder was killed when the car in which she and her…

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    Posted on April 9, 2003 To

    Clifford Obtains $10 Million Settlement for Injured Suburban Police Officer

    Robert Clifford, of Clifford Law Offices, obtained a $10 million settlement on behalf of an Arlington Heights police officer who was severely injured when a speeding hearse ran a red light and rammed his police car while he was on routine patrol Oct. 13, 2000. Charles Tiedje, 40, had to be removed by rescuers from his car and was airlifted to Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge where he remained in a coma for weeks….

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    Posted on March 11, 2002 To

    Clifford Settles Violinist Lawsuit Against METRA for $35 Million

    The Illinois Supreme Court today entered an order that brings an end to the case of Rachel Barton vs. Metra and Chicago NorthWestern Railroad. The railroads agreed to pay Barton $35 million for injuries sustained seven years ago. Barton was severely injured in January, 1995, when the conductor allowed the train to leave the station while Barton was pinned to its door. After a month-long trial, three years ago, a jury found Metra and Chicago…

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    Posted on July 13, 2001 To

    Approach the Bench: Richard F. Burke Jr.

    Every office should have a Richard Burke. A tireless work horse, Rich is one of those quiet, behind-the-scenes leaders who knows how to get things done. He just wrapped up a case involving the rollover of a sport utility vehicle where, with Robert Clifford, he received a $22 million settlement against Ford Motor Company, a Ford dealership and a tire retailer and manufacturer. A 15-year-old girl was severely injured, and two teenage girls were killed,…

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    Posted on June 23, 2000 To

    Approach the Bench: Susan A. Capra

    There’s a reason why Mack is so protective of Susan Capra. Because he loves her so much. Mack is Susan’s four-year-old German Shepherd. And can you blame him? Susan is, perhaps, the most beloved attorney in the office. Soft-spoken, dedicated, loyal, intelligent, sensitive, yet determined. Susan is perfectly fitted in her role as a medical malpractice attorney, defending patients’ rights. Susan graduated from Robert Clifford’s alma maters-DePaul University and DePaul College of Law. She studied…

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    Posted on December 16, 1999 To

    Approach the Bench: Robert P. Walsh

    Your friend’s sister’s mother-in-law was driving her son’s van when a plumbing truck, personally owned by the plumber, hit her. He is ticketed. Two children in the van are seriously hurt-one is the mother-in-law’s grandson; the other is his 10-year-old best friend. The son, who owns the van, has limited insurance coverage. The plumbing company has a $250,000 policy and the plumber has an individual policy for $20,000. Grandma has a million dollar umbrella under…

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