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Personal Injury

Helpful Videos for Dog Owners — Can Your Dog Cost You Your Home Insurance?

Learn Basics to Prevent Dog Attacks by Reading Body Language Victoria Stilwell, host of Animal Planet's It's Me or the Dog, demonstrates how to avoid a dog attack by reading a dog's body language and what to do if you are attacked. View video. Could Your Dog Cost You Your Home Insurance? Some insurance companies are denying homeowners insurance to people with dogs categorized as...
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Illinois Ranks Second in Dog Bite Claims According to Recent Study

The Associated Press recently reported that 4.5 million Americans were bitten by dogs in the U.S. in 2014. A recent study conducted by State Farm and the Insurance Information Institute found California to be the leading state in 2013 of dog bite claims with 4,489 claims and $14.7 million paid and Illinois being second on the list with 309 claims and $8.9 million in claims...
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Child Killed by Pit Bull in Chicago; Dog Bite Claims on the Rise

Children are most often the victims of dog bites, as evidenced by the recent attack in Chicago of a pit bull that killed an innocent five-year-old child. The story is a terrible tragedy that has been reported in the news for days. Dogs are many times our closest companions and considered one of the family. But any dog can be territorial and unpredictable when it...
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Another Tragic Grain Bin Incident – Four Men Injured in Northwest Indiana

Four men reportedly were injured when a grain bin in northwest Indiana exploded. Media reports indicate that a powerful blast in a grain elevator in LaCrosse, Indiana, injured four men Thursday (April 16, 2015) about 9 a.m. Residents as far as 15 miles away reported they could hear the blast in the 175-foot-tall bin and some even felt their houses shake like an earthquake, according...
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General Motors Settles Initial Case on Faulty Car Ignition Switches

As General Motors reportedly settled the first case that brought the world's attention to the problem of its car ignition switches, yet another case reportedly has been filed that is linked to this problem. GM Ignition Switch Linked to Another Death, Jessica Taylor was driving home for Labor Day when her car left the road and flipped several times. Evidence surfaced last year that her...
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