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Personal Injury

Chicago Personal Injury Law Firm

Clifford Law Offices, based in Chicago, Illinois, is a top-ranked personal injury law firm serving victims and their families nationwide. We provide a glossary of legal terminology on our website to provide a general understanding of legal definitions in the areas in which our firm practices. Personal Injury: When a person is wrongfully injured by the negligent or intentional conduct of a wrongdoer. Our law...
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Seatbelt Redesign is Critical for the Safety of a Bigger America

A new study conducted by medical researchers at the Buffalo campus of the State University of New York system has concluded that obesity is responsible for a lack of seatbelt usage that greatly increases the risk of fatality for individuals already living with obesity. Sounding eerily similar to conclusions drawn by a team of researchers looking into the redesign of airplane seatbelts for larger occupants,...
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5 Things to Do When Personal Injury Occurs

When a personal injury occurs - whether it is from an auto, work, property or other type of accident - it can be emotionally taxing on the individuals involved. It is also one of the most crucial times to gather evidence in the event you need to file a lawsuit. Here are five things to do in case of personal injury: Seek medical treatment -...
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