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Burn Injury Attorney In Chicago

If you have suffered severe burns, scarring or smoke inhalation injuries, it is vital to discuss your legal options. The ongoing care you likely will require can be extremely expensive, especially if skin grafts are needed, so you should find out how you can obtain compensation from those responsible for your burns. At Clifford Law Offices, we can help you understand all of your options and pursue a claim to help you seek the money you need to facilitate your recovery and be made as whole as possible. We have extensive experience in all types of burn injury cases, including those involving high-rise fires, defective products, electrical and chemical burns, and many others.

Fires By The Numbers

According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), there are more than 1 million fires in the United States each year. On average, approximately 35 percent of those are structure fires and roughly 15 percent are vehicle fires. Unfortunately, just over 3,000 civilians die and approximately 16,000 civilians are injured as a result of these fires. In some years, the USFA reports, fires have killed more Americans than all natural disasters combined.

Burn Injuries — Seasonal Issues

With each season comes a different risk for fire as well as the potential need for burn injury attorneys should an accident take place. Winter weather increases the need for heating homes and buildings, which increases the risk for fires associated with furnaces and other heat sources. Springtime brings people outdoors, creating the peak period for outdoor fires. Finally, hot and dry summer weather creates conditions that can cause natural fires.

Further compounding these seasonal trends are cultural and religious practices. Christmas trees, candle-lit pumpkins, fireworks, outdoor grilling and campfires all contribute to the shifting patterns in fire frequency. Certainly, fire is a known danger and must be handled with caution. When someone is negligent, a fire can become deadly, and burn injury attorneys need to get involved.

Contributing Factors In Burn Cases

Determining responsibility when a fire causes serious injury or death takes an experienced burn injury lawyer who knows how to look at these cases and has the resources to fund an investigation. In burn injury cases, our attorneys look at all potential factors, including:

When A Fire Is Not Your Fault, Who Is Responsible?

Burn injury attorneys know that fire can occur in someone’s home, in the workplace, in skyscrapers or even in a car. Those who manufacture products or are in charge of fire safety procedures must exercise extreme caution, knowing that what they do impacts people’s lives. Following a fire, a burn injury lawyer will assess all relevant factors in building a case.