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Chicago Fracture Attorney

If someone injures you in an accident and you break a bone or suffer a fracture, the injury could significantly affect your mobility and comfort. You also may suddenly find yourself overwhelmed by thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost wages.

If you’ve suffered this fracture due to another person’s negligence, discuss your case with an attorney from Clifford Law Offices. Our attorneys have decades of experience representing clients in all types of personal injury cases, including fractures and broken bone injuries. We know how to address your case efficiently, finding the optimal path to compensation. We will work closely with you during the process, ensuring open communication and dedication to your case.

Common Causes of Fracture Injuries

You can completely or partially fracture a bone in several ways, including shattering, crosswise, and lengthwise. The most common causes of fractures include osteoporosis, overuse, and trauma. Trauma-related fractures can result from:

Fractures are painful. You cannot move a fractured body part without experiencing sharp, excruciating sensations. Bruising, swelling, tenderness, and deformity often accompany fracture injuries. These conditions can severely limit your ability to move and perform basic daily tasks. Recovery may take weeks or months.

Filing a Claim for Fractures

Depending on the cause of your fracture, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. Typically, the Illinois statute of limitations requires you to file a personal injury lawsuit within two years of the incident. Your lawsuit will likely involve other injuries and contributing factors, including:

A broken bone is a typical indication of a severe injury suffered because of an accident, which can potentially increase your final settlement amount. With a personal injury lawsuit, you can recover damages such as:

Having a broken bone or fracture may cost thousands of dollars in medical treatment, medications, and physical therapy. Providing documentation of medical bills to treat this injury could increase the settlement to cover these costs. In addition, a severe fracture can put you out of work for months at a time costing you lost wages. A broken bone, especially in the spinal area, can permanently or temporarily disable you, allowing you to claim disability damages.

If you suffered a broken bone or multiple fractures as the result of an accident, it is important that you provide medical documentation. Collecting valid medical records will prove the existence of your injury, which is one of the first steps in a personal injury lawsuit. Discovering fault is another important piece of the process. After you discuss your case with one of our attorneys, we will work to determine who was negligent and what your legal options are.

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