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    When amusement park negligence occurs, legal recourse will fall under a particularly unique kind of premises liability, one in which a premise liability attorney is recommended. Oftentimes, an attorney for personal injury will have some background in premise liability at amusement parks.

    Attending an amusement park or a carnival can be a memorable event for families and children. The thrill of carnival rides and roller coasters keep amusement-seekers returning over and over again to enjoy the fun. However, when these rides are improperly designed, inspected, constructed or maintained, their operation places the public in serious danger. Every year thousands of adults and children are injured at amusement parks by carnival rides and roller coasters, and they look to recover from the damages with the help of a premise liability attorney. Accidents pertaining to amusement parks do not always necessarily happen in large-scale confines, and can include school fairs and carnivals. Employees and organizations that run these events are responsible for ensuring that guests and patrons have a fun, safe experience. Unfortunately, even at small-scale events, tragic theme park related accidents do occur and an attorney for personal injury must be consulted.

    When a Chicago personal injury attorney examines a premise liability case, he or she will consider the complexity, age, condition, design, and operation of the amusement park rides. An attorney with expertise in premise liability will view each of these as potential factors that could have influenced the event. Other causes of injury that can occur at an amusement park, theme park, water park, fair, circus, or carnival include:

    • Ride operator does not possess adequate knowledge, skills, experience, training, or education
    • Defective design of rides
    • Manufacturing defect of rides
    • Mechanical failures
    • Improper ride maintenance
    • Insufficient or ineffective safety precautions
    • Incorrect height/weight requirements
    • Inadequate lighting
    • Failure to properly secure a mobile amusement ride

    Amusement Park Negligence Cases are Complex and Require an Experienced Attorney for Personal Injury

    Laws regulating carnival and amusement park rides vary depending on jurisdiction, but an experienced premise liability attorney understands the exact regulations for their area. An attorney for personal injury that is working in the Chicago area recognizes that Illinois laws also apply to the Chicago metropolitan region. In Illinois, the Carnival and Amusement Rides Safety Act governs amusement park operation. To operate an amusement ride or amusement attraction in Illinois requires a permit. One step in the permitting process is the inspection requirement. Rides are required to be inspected prior to initial operation and annually thereafter. Amusement rides that require inspection include, but are not limited to: carnival rides, carousels, dry slides, haunted houses, go-kart tracks, ski lifts, mechanical bulls, mobile climbing walls, power trampolines, ride simulators, trains, trams, rope tows, ski lifts, and inflatable attractions.

    The Experienced Chicago Amusement Park Accident Attorney Team of Clifford Law Offices

    For more than 30 years, Clifford Law Offices has been seeking justice on behalf of injured people. The Chicago amusement park accident lawyers of Clifford Law Offices regularly practice premise liability law, and can assist individuals injured on carnival rides in recovering just compensation for their injuries. We have the resources and the experience to fully investigate the claim and see the case through to its conclusion, whether compensation comes through settlement or verdict.

    Further reading on amusement park liability can be found in the article, “Amusement Parks Take Consumers for a Ride”, by Robert A. Clifford, which is published in Chicago Lawyer.

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