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    Chicago Advocate Medical Class Action Lawsuit Attorney

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    1. What must I do to become involved in this litigation?

    At this time, individuals who have received a letter from the affected healthcare system or, in some reported instances, from their health care provider, can become informed of the litigation by completing a “Class Action Intake Form” on the Clifford Law Offices website.

    2. If I complete the Class Action Intake Form, am I represented by Clifford Law Offices?

    No. If you complete a Class Action Intake Form, you are allowing Clifford Law Offices to send you updates concerning the litigation, however, that does not mean you have an attorney-client relationship with Clifford Law Offices. You must enter a representation agreement with Clifford Law Offices if you wish to be specifically represented by Clifford Law Offices. Please monitor the Clifford Law Offices website for updated information concerning any requirements for consenting to representation.

    3. I received a letter from Advocate concerning the unauthorized dissemination of, or access to, my personal and private information. Should I accept the one year of credit history monitoring offered in the letter?

    At this very preliminary phase of litigation, Clifford Law Offices cannot give legal opinions and/or legal advice outside the context of an attorney-client relationship, and particularly without the benefit of reading the terms and conditions of any such offer to monitor your credit for one year. You should read closely and carefully the terms and conditions of the offer, consider your personal circumstances, and consult with those who have expertise in unauthorized access to bank accounts and/or credit cards, including your bank and credit card companies. You may wish to consult with an attorney.

    4. I received a letter informing me that my deceased relative’s personal and private information was disseminated, may I participate in the litigation on behalf of the deceased individual?

    That depends. If your deceased relative died before July 15, 2013 (the reported date of the alleged breach), then it is most likely that a cause of action does not exist. If your relative died more recently, after July 15, 2013, you may be able to pursue a cause of action and/or participate in the litigation. Complete the Class Action Intake Form, briefly noting the inquiry concerning your deceased relative and your relative’s date of death.

    5. Does it cost money for me to complete the Intake Form? Do I have to give money to your firm to join the litigation?

    No. There is no cost to you for completing the Class Action Intake Form. Clifford Law Offices will not require you to pay money up front to join the litigation. When a class action reaches a point of a settlement and/or verdict, the Court determines the fee and reimbursable expenses to be paid to class counsel, which are typically paid from the proceeds of any such settlement and/or verdict.

    If you would like to learn more about pending class actions, please visit our blog on this topic.

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