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    Chicago Sports Facility Accident Attorney

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    Sports are a fun and healthy diversion from the stresses of work and school. Unfortunately, sports injuries are common and sometimes require the involvement of premise liability attorneys. Premises liability can attach to owners of property where sports and other recreational activities are played, including: parks, gyms, rinks, courts, lakes, beaches, playgrounds, racetracks, and clubs. When sports and recreational injuries are the result of negligent, careless or reckless behavior, a personal injury law firm can determine if the victim is entitled to compensation for the damages sustained, including medical expenses, future damages and loss of income, among others. At times, it is not clear who is responsible for the injury, so the victim may choose to hire a personal injury law firm and its premise liability attorneys for guidance.

    A personal injury law firm recognizes that a number of different circumstances can lead to the property owner’s premise liability when a personal sports or recreation injury occurs. Some examples include:

    • The facility is not designed to meet the accepted standards of safety.
    • Improperly trained staff.
    • Allowing athletes to engage in sports without the proper safety equipment.
    • Failure to provide medical aid.

    Sports Injury and Recreational Injury Cases Are Complex and Require Experienced Premise Liability Attorneys

    The fight for just compensation requires premise liability attorneys with the resources, knowledge and experience to successfully resolve your lawsuit. The personal injury law firm of Clifford Law Offices has been successfully representing clients for more than 25 years. At Clifford Law Offices, our premise liability attorneys exhaustively investigate your case to identify the responsible parties and prepare all cases for trial. This ensures that the outcome of your lawsuit is based on its merits and comes as a result of full preparation by your personal injury law firm.

    Further reading on premises liability and sports can be found in the following two articles written by Robert A. Clifford and published in Chicago Lawyer:
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    “Getting Teed Off Over Golf Balls”

    Clifford Law Offices: Experienced Chicago Personal Injury Firm

    Robert A. Clifford – $12,500,000 Settlement: 17-year-old football player rendered a quadriplegic during a high school football practice after he was tackled into an unpadded steel pole less than 12 feet from the sideline; school subsequently moved the field further from the pole.

    Richard F. Burke, Jr. and Shannon M. McNulty – $900,000 Settlement: 24-year-old race car driver sustained serious burn injuries in a crash during an on-track amateur racing event that had insufficient equipment to promptly suppress the fire that erupted on impact.

    Clifford Law Offices represents a 16-year-old soccer player who suffered permanent leg injuries after his soccer coach forced his players to carry others during practice as punishment.

    Clifford Law Offices also represents a 15-year-old boy who died on an inflatable obstacle course, owned and operated by the U.S. Army, while participating in a high school wellness day event.

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