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Unfair or Unexplained Denial of Claims Attorney in Chicago

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Suffering from a chronic illness can be debilitating. The bright side often is that, at least, if one carries medical insurance, treatment is financially covered so the patient can get some relief.

It has become apparent, in recent months, that some major insurance companies have been denying claims of people with chronic illnesses without any explanation. This has even occurred where a person might have switched health insurance companies and the previous insurer covered the illness, but then the subsequent insurer denies all claims made for no reason.

Are these insurance companies implying that these insureds are malingerers? Are they just denying the legitimate claims because they want to save more money for themselves and their profit line?

Denial of benefits can amount to tens of thousands of dollars for a patient – money that patient thought was going to be paid by one’s insurance company. Oftentimes, it will lead to litigation to help an insured fight their insurance company to get what they deserve under their health plan.

If you suffer from a chronic illness or condition that is covered by your health plan and have been subjected to an unexplained denial of a claim for treatment that you previously received from your current or prior health insurance company, contact Clifford Law Offices at (312) 899-9090.

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