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    Gas Explosion Lawyer in Chicago

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    A gas explosion lawyer is a specific premise liability attorney that addresses cases of explosion accidents. Unfortunately, despite precautionary measures, explosion accidents occur on a frequent basis. The people injured or killed in these explosions are likely to be working men and women with families who rely on their livelihood. Injuries from an explosion include burns from the heat and flames, and hearing damage or shrapnel injuries from the explosion’s blast and shock wave. These serious injuries, sustained as a consequence of an explosion, are tragic and usually take years for recovery. Generally, they involve very serious injuries as a result of negligent conduct through no fault of the person who is injured. They are tragic stories for the families of those impacted by these events. Finding justice in the wake of an explosion is the job of a burn or gas explosion lawyer who is typically part of a premise liability attorney practice.

    Explosion Cases are Complex and Require an Experienced Explosion Lawyer

    Explosions are legally and scientifically complex, and often require the experience of a premise liability attorney. Explosion lawsuits involve sophisticated litigation to determine the cause and liability. The cause of an explosion can be a combination of various factors. Similarly, fault for the explosion is often found among a number of different parties. To determine the cause of the explosion, the explosion lawyer team at Clifford Law Offices retains the nation’s top experts in the field. Together, the attorney and field experts assigned to the case can work through further complications that may arise in residential or commercial settings, including: natural and propane gas explosions, electrical explosions, chemical explosions, or oil and gasoline explosions.

    Clifford Law Offices: Explosion Lawyer Record of Success


    For nearly 30 years, the explosion lawyer team at Clifford Law Offices has represented injured clients seeking justice. Each premise liability attorney has the knowledge, resources and experience that are necessary for any successful explosion lawsuit.

    Kevin P. Durkin – $2,900,000 Settlement: 21-year-old worker severely burned in power plant explosion in Hammond, Indiana.

    Robert A. Clifford – $2,600,000 Settlement: 24-year-old truck driver killed in a heptane gas explosion in Des Moines, Iowa, leaving a wife and three-year-old daughter.

    Robert A. Clifford – $1,200,000 Partial Settlement: 34-year-old worker suffers severe burns in electrical explosion at Neiman Marcus store in Northbrook Court Mall.

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