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Chicago Train Accident Attorney

While accident attorneys may have concentrations in several areas, attorneys who have experience in rail crashes and railroad accidents are of great importance. Train accident lawyers have dedicated their careers to understanding the complexities and logistics involved in a train accident. Aside from the property damage that can be caused by these unfortunate situations, there are also human lives that can be forever changed as a result. In order to find the best representation for people that have been involved in train accidents, it is wise to call upon railroad accident lawyers that have spent a great deal of time practicing in this area of the law. So, whether the incident takes place within the city limits or outside the metro area, the experienced train accident lawyers of Chicago-based firm, Clifford Law Offices, can help.

Train Accidents on the Rise

Kevin Durkin, a highly experienced train accident lawyer at Clifford Law Offices, was co-lead counsel in the Amtrak train derailment in Bourbonnais, Illinois, that left 13 people dead and more than 100 people injured. The International Business Times reported on this and other Amtrak crashes in a recent online report.

The railroad system is of central importance to our nation’s infrastructure and economy. Millions of Americans use the commuter train system, subways and elevated track lines each year for their transportation needs. Rail systems are also used to efficiently transport bulk freight across the country from ports and factories to city centers and manufacturing hubs. Consequently, this mode of transportation is responsible for hundreds of deaths each year. When a loved one is injured or killed in a train accident, railroad accident lawyers in Chicago are often asked to determine responsibility. The experienced train accident lawyers of Clifford Law Offices are available for private consultation.

Historically, the Chicago area has been one of the nation’s largest and busiest rail hubs. Operating the country’s largest network of commuter railways, Metra serves a large population of downtown workers. In addition, the CTA operates a subway and elevated rail lines in the city; the Amtrak network travels across Illinois with destinations in Chicago, downstate, and beyond state lines; and many freight lines make the Chicago area a regular stop in their cross-country routes. The latest Amtrak train disaster in Philadelphia is evidence of the tragedies that a railway ride can cause to a person and their entire families.

We Understand Railroad Accidents

According to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Illinois had 62 train-related deaths in 2007. The FRA also reported a total of 7,600 rail-related deaths nationwide from 1999 to 2008. Human error, mechanical malfunction, improper operating procedure, inadequate safety devices, and negligence may be causes of railroad accidents. To fully understand the cause and appropriate course of action, it is wise to seek the help of railroad accident lawyers in Chicago. Contact Clifford Law Offices.

Staffed by a team of Chicago accident attorneys, Clifford Law Offices regularly handles complex damage cases, including claims for wrongful death and personal injury arising out of transportation accidents. In particular, its railroad accident lawyers in Chicago have a proven record of successful litigation in train crashes and train accident cases. Attorneys Robert A. Clifford has written articles about railway safety and Kevin P. Durkin has spoken on the radio about rail crashes.

Clifford and Durkin, partners at Clifford Law Offices and railroad accident lawyers, obtained a record $35 million verdict for an acclaimed violinist severely injured in a train accident. Our team of transportation and rail accident lawyers headed by Robert Clifford also obtained a $11.4 million settlement on behalf of a 57-year-old mechanic who suffered catastrophic orthopedic injuries in a railroad yard. Clifford Law Offices also represented the family of a woman killed by a Burlington Northern commuter train as she crossed the tracks at the request of a railroad employee. The Burlington-Northern case was settled for $2.4 million.

If you need a train accident attorney, please consult with Clifford Law Offices, which has the resources and experience to navigate the complex process in fighting for you and your family involving injuries or death related to train accidents.

Clifford Law Offices’ Cases Handled by Our Train Accident Lawyers

Robert A. Clifford, Sean P. Driscoll – $11,400,000: 57-year-old mechanic suffers catastrophic orthopedic injuries and internal injuries in railroad yard.

Robert A. Clifford & Kevin P. Durkin – $35,000,000: Internationally acclaimed violinist severely injured due to negligence of train company.

Kevin P. Durkin– $2,250,000: 57-year-old passenger on South Shore train dies when the train strikes a truck standing between the gates. It is the largest wrongful death settlement in the history of Porter County, Indiana.

Kevin P. Durkin – $1,125,000: 37-year-old man injured in Amtrak train collision in Bourbonnais, Illinois; Durkin served as co-lead counsel in these tragic train crash cases.

Robert P. Walsh – $495,000: 39-year-old woman suffers back injury requiring surgery when train in Chicago attempting to make a maneuver goes into reverse and strikes her car.

Kevin P. Durkin, Robert A. Clifford & Sean P. Driscoll – $2.4 million: Mother of two killed by moving train as she crosses railroad tracks at the request of rail employee.