Chicago Train Accident Lawyers
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    Chicago Train Accident Attorneys

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    Accidents Involving CTA, Metra Trains and Amtrak, Among Other Trains and Rails

    Helping Train Accident Victims Nationwide

    Best Lawyers Badge Personal Injury 2024A train or railway accident can put your life on hold for weeks or months while you deal with injury treatment, missed work, and rehabilitation. Despite the seriousness of these accidents, help from an attorney can give you your life back.

    If you or someone close to you has suffered an injury in a train accident, contact the Chicago train accident lawyers at Clifford Law Offices. We will review the facts of your case and discuss the possibility of a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury claim could generate compensation for your accident-related losses, including medical bills and wage loss. If you lost a loved one in a train accident, we can discuss whether filing a wrongful death claim is a possible option.

    Our firm has represented passengers in numerous rail crashes and derailments, one of the latest being a number of people injured or killed in the derailment of Amtrak 501 near Seattle, Washington. A settlement recently was reached on behalf of the firm’s clients in the 2017 derailment for $57 million. Additional train accident case results include:

    • $35 million recovery for an internationally acclaimed violinist who was severely injured due to negligence of train company.
    • $17 million verdict was awarded to three plaintiffs who suffered multiple physical, mental and emotional injuries when an Amtrak train, travelling at an excessive speed, derailed onto Interstate 5 in Tacoma, Washington.
    • $11.4 million recovery for a 57-year-old mechanic who suffered catastrophic orthopedic injuries and internal injuries when he is run over by a tractor-trailer while performing repairs to marker lights on the trailer in an area of the railroad yard designated by the railroad to conduct such repairs.
    • $2.5 millionrecovery on behalf of a 57-year-old bicyclist who was struck and killed by an express eastbound commuter train in Riverside, Illinois.

    Why Do Train Accidents Happen?

    Clifford Law Offices has litigated and settled personal injury suits involving Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) vehicles, Metra trains, Amtrak, and other trains and rails. We have more than 30 years of legal experience. We will use that experience to garner the best possible outcomes for clients.

    One of our first goals when we accept a new client is to decipher what happened, which is sometimes difficult in the aftermath of a train accident. Common causes include:

    • Lack of train maintenance
    • Inspection violations
    • Speeding/reckless train operation
    • Operator error
    • Wet, greasy, or oily floors and platforms
    • Trip and fall hazards on trains
    • Third-party drivers stopped on railroad crossings

    Train safety and health violations can be factors in serious train wrecks, with multiple passengers sustaining injuries. It is the train company’s legal duty to fulfill the necessary standards of care and cleanliness before welcoming passengers on board. Breaching these duties is an act of negligence that could result in company liability for damages. Our Chicago train accident attorneys hold negligent parties responsible for their misconduct on behalf of accident victims.

    Common carriers are vehicles that transport passengers or goods as a paid service. Trains, trams, and buses are common carriers. Common carriers must obey specific laws that do not apply to other vehicles. In general, common carriers owe higher standards of care to passengers than non-commercial vehicle drivers. These standards include inspecting and repairing trains, checking for hidden or potential safety hazards, properly hiring and training employees and train conductors, and taking steps to reasonably provide for the safety of all passengers.

    When companies such as the CTA, Metra, or Amtrak fall short of these duties, accidents happen. Train accidents can cause serious passenger injuries, such as multiple bone fractures, lacerations, burns, bruises, traumatic brain injuries, and neck/back injuries. According to common carrier laws, injured train accident victims can file claims against the train company and/or other parties in pursuit of fair compensation.

    A lawyer with experience handling common carrier accidents will have the knowledge and resources to strengthen your case and improve your odds of successfully settling with the train company’s insurer. Hiring an attorney enables you to focus on healing – be it from physical injuries or the devastation of losing a loved one – while your lawyer takes care of filing processes and legal battles.

    How Can Our Chicago Train Accident Lawyers Help You?

    Clifford Law Offices can help train accident victims and their families. Our experience with common carrier accidents means we have the knowledge to help you receive fair compensation. We have won over $5 billion in damages for past clients. Discuss a personal injury claim with a free consultation at our local law office by calling (312) 899-9090. You can also submit our form online and a train accident lawyer in Chicago will get back to you as soon as possible.

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