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Bicycle Accident Attorney in Chicago

Clifford Law’s bike Accident attorneys are well versed in the historical data behind bicycle activities. As bicycle Accident lawyers are aware, bike riding has been a popular sport and form of exercise for centuries. It is estimated that approximately 85 million Americans engage in bike riding every day, and it is being encouraged as a form of transportation as the price of gasoline increases. Given the competition on the roads with cars and other vehicles, though, the number of bicycle Accidents involving serious injury and possibly even death has also increased, as bike Accident attorneys have witnessed through their caseloads.

In 2006, statistics indicate that some 770 bicyclists were killed on roadways in the United States. Moreover, every year more than a half million bicyclists are rushed to hospital emergency rooms across the country. Of those numbers, 67,000 sustain head injuries and 27,000 of those injuries are so serious that they warrant hospitalization. Even more alarming is the statistic that one in every eight bicyclists who reports an injury suffers a brain injury. It is these very numbers that drive victims to the offices of experienced bicycle Accident lawyers, and the reason that the number of bike Accident attorneys has grown over the years.

These statistics may seem impersonal, but victims of bicycle collisions are very real and take on a very human face. Clifford Law Offices’ bike Accident attorneys represent a number of people who have been injured or the families of those who have unfortunately been tragically killed on roadways while biking. For example, bicycle Accident lawyers at Clifford Law Offices represent the surviving mother of a young, promising graphics design artist who was biking home after work during Bike to Work Week in Chicago. A driver in a parked car suddenly opened his door, and the bicyclist unavoidably rammed into it, hurling him into traffic where another car ran over him. He tragically died.

Clifford Law Offices also represents a woman whose back was broken when a CTA bus swerved into her as she biked in a bike lane in Chicago. In addition, the bicycle Accident lawyers filed a bicycle Accident lawsuit on behalf of a government employee who was struck by a truck while riding a bicycle to work. His left leg had to be amputated and his right leg required numerous surgeries to repair the serious injuries. The President Elect of the Oak Park Bicycle Club, a very careful bicyclist, was crossing the railroad tracks at west suburban Riverside when a commuter train struck and killed her. A railroad employee at the scene beckoned her and others to cross the tracks despite a derailed train sitting there. Witnesses observed a railroad employee at the control box manipulating the pedestrian gates to hold them in an up position. The stranded train and a crane blocked the vision of the bicyclist, and another express train that was not in view of the bicyclist came hurtling down a third set of tracks and struck the bicyclist. Clifford Law Offices filed a lawsuit on behalf of her family. As experienced bike Accident attorneys, the firm also represents the family of an 11-year-old boy who was killed by a Metra train in Glenview as he rode his bicycle across railroad tracks that did not have pedestrian gates in the village’s downtown station. Two months after the boy was killed, Metra installed pedestrian gates as a safety measure in that north suburban community.

Many families turn to Clifford Law Offices after a loved one suffers a serious traumatic injury or the tragedy of death. Although nothing can bring back their losses, Clifford’s strategic bicycle Accident lawyers can help victims of bicycle wrecks to receive the compensation to which they are entitled. If a negligent driver collides with a bicyclist, the bicyclist may be able to recover for damages including pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of income, loss of normal life and other compensable damages suffered as a result of the tragedy. Even bicyclists who obey the rules of the road and take precautions can find themselves involved in a bicycle collision Accident. If that happens to you, it is important that you contact the local police immediately to identify witnesses and obtain statements, and then contact the bike Accident attorneys at Clifford.

If you think you have a bicycle Accident case, please call the bicycle Accident lawyers at Clifford Law Offices to seek answers to questions you may have. Please call Clifford Law Offices to speak to experienced bike Accident attorneys at 312-899-9090.

Clifford Law Offices’ Cases Won by Our Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Robert Clifford and Richard Burke – $3.45 million: Girl on bicycle struck by police car in residential neighborhood, rendered quadriplegic.

Robert Walsh – $100,000: 64-year-old retired farmer sustains multiple fractures to his lower limbs when he was riding his bike and was struck by a motorist exiting a hospital parking lot.

Robert Walsh and Craig Squillace – $225,000: 34-year-old social worker sustains abrasions and burns after she was struck by a car while walking her bike across a Lake Shore Drive entrance ramp.

Robert Walsh – $100,000: 57-year-old bicyclist suffers fractured hip when a motorist on Chicago’s south side strikes him on his bike.

Robert A. Clifford – $190,000: Woman on bicycle suffers back injury and road rash after being knocked to the ground by a CTA bus that was attempting to pass her.