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Chicago Escalator & Elevator Accident Lawyer

Within the city of Chicago, there are approximately 22,000 elevators and moving conveyances that are governed by a strict regulatory regime. Daily use of elevators and escalators is commonplace; however, this does not prevent needless injuries or deaths from happening due to negligence, design defects, improper maintenance or malfunction. The premise liability attorneys of Clifford Law Offices are experienced in handling these types of accident cases and can help you find the right escalator or elevator accident lawyer for your situation.

Lawsuits filed in response to injuries from elevator or escalator accidents are considered premises liability claims and are typically placed with premise liability attorneys. In these cases, a number of parties can be found liable, depending on the circumstances, including the property owner, the property manager, the elevator/escalator manufacturer and the elevator/escalator maintenance company. An elevator accident lawyer can determine the responsible parties through investigation and deposition. Elevator and escalator accidents can result from many different problems, including:

Elevator and Escalator Injury Cases Are Complex and Require an Experienced Elevator Accident Lawyer

As a result of litigating past elevator and escalator injury lawsuits, Clifford Law Offices and its premise liability attorneys have extensive experience working with these claims. Because of the complexity of elevators and escalators, isolating the cause of an accident can be difficult. For these types of cases, experts assist the elevator accident lawyer in the investigations. Our premise liability attorneys and elevator accident lawyer team investigate all aspects of an injury, and are prepared to involve nationally recognized experts to determine the cause of the accident and ultimately reveal the identity of the negligent party. Experts can range from individuals who consult on questions of maintenance to engineers that deal with design or even metallurgists who can give an opinion as to the cause of a component’s failure. This strategy requires experienced and knowledgeable premise liability attorneys that have the resources to pursue just outcomes for their clients. The elevator accident attorney team at Clifford Law Offices has the knowledge, experience and resources to represent you in your pursuit of justice.

Clifford Law Offices: Experienced Chicago Premise Liability Attorneys and Elevator Accident Lawyer Team

Richard F. Burke, Jr. – $1,175,000 Settlement: Maintenance man killed when he falls through a faulty high-rise building elevator shaft.

Robert A. Clifford – $460,000 Settlement: 56-year-old flight attendant suffers career-ending disk herniation injury when elevator car at O’Hare Airport malfunctions, causing her to fall on her back.

Robert A. Clifford – $166,500 Settlement: 50-year-old woman tears rotator cuff when elevator malfunctions at retail outfit, causing her to fall.