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    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin- November 2013
    The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin reported on the absorbing and merging of the firm with the Law Office of Kenneth C. Chessick, M.D. To read the entire story of Dr. Chessick becoming Of Counsel to the firm and the addition of three associates, click here.

    PR News- October 2013
    Clifford said, “We created this symposium 20 years ago to create a platform to discuss critical issues, foster ideas with rigor and to challenge one another.” Read the full article here.

    Modern Healthcare- September 2013
    Clifford Law Offices Attorney, Robert Clifford was featured in a piece on about a state class-action lawsuit in the article, “Advocate Health Care sued following massive data breach.” Read full article here.

    The National Law Journal
    The National Law Journal- September 2013
    The National Law Journal named Clifford Law Offices as one of 50 leading plaintiffs firms in America. Read full article here.

    Daily Herald- September 2013
    Chicago law firm, Clifford Law Offices, was quoted in the Daily Herald article titled, “Advocate Medical Group sued over stolen patient records.” Read full article here.

    Healthcare IT News- September 2013
    Clifford Law Offices are representing affected victims after a massive data breach at Advocate Medical Group. Read the Healthcare It News article, “Health slapped with lawsuit after massive data breach” here.

    eSecurity Planet- September 2013
    Trial lawyer Robert A. Clifford was quoted in eSecurity Planet regarding a lawsuit over a massive data breach. Read full article here.

    The Pantagraph- September 2013
    Robert Clifford was quoted in the biggest newspaper in Central Illinois, The Pantagraph. In this article, Clifford is quoted regarding the lawsuit against Advocate Medical Group. Read full article here.

    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin- August 2013
    The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin featured a cover story on Robert A. Clifford titled, “How Bob Clifford Changed a State Law.” The piece tells how a New York dinner sparked development of statute setting timetable for settlement payments. Read full article here.

    Le Devoir- August 2013
    Clifford Law Offices was quoted in Le Devoir, a French news site. The article titled, “Lac-Mégantic: une requête pour authorisation d’un recours collectif a été depose”. Read full article here.

    Chicago Tribune- August 2013
    Principal partner at Clifford Law Offices, Richard F. Burke was quoted in the Chicago Tribune article titled, “Lawsuits filed after 2 injured when water tower falls in Lincoln Park”. Read full article here.

    CBS Chicago- August 2013
    Trial lawyer at Clifford Law, Richard F. Burke, was quoted in CBS Chicago, regarding a couple who was injured by a falling water tank. “We are immediately seeking all maintenance and inspection records for this building and its water tank,” said Richard. Read full article here.

    NBC 5- August 2013
    Trial lawyer, Richard F. Burke, was quoted in NBC Chicago’s article, “Two Injured in Water Tank Crash File Suit”. Read full article here.

    CTV News- July 2013
    Bradley Cosgrove, a partner at Clifford Law Offices, was quoted in an article featured on Canadian Press source, CTV News in “Lac-Megantic residents file first class-action lawsuit.” Cosgrove states, “I think the best way to phrase it is that Illinois does not have limits on wrongful-death damages.” Read full article here.

    Maclean’s- July 2013
    Clifford Law Offices was quoted in an article on a class-action lawsuit in Maclean’s, a Canadian news source. To read the complete online article, “The legal battle begins in Lac-Megantic: first class-action lawsuit motion filed.” Read full article here.

    Global News- July 2013
    Global News of Canada profiled Clifford Law Offices, a law firm that specializes in transportation disasters, in it’s article titled,”Legal battle begins in Megantic: lawsuit motion filed.” Read full article here.

    Droit-Inc- July 2013
    Chicago trial lawyer, Bradley Cosgrove, was quoted on Droit-Inc, a Quebec news site. Read full article here.

    WTVP- May 2013
    Chicago trial lawyer, Robert A. Clifford, Esq. was featured on WTVP, a PBS television station. Clifford was interviewed by Ed Sutkowski on the show, Interesting People in episode #305. Watch as he discusses his professional life in this video.

    Dialogue Magazine- April 2013
    Bob Clifford was interviewed by Dialogue Magazine from DePaul University College of Law in an article titled, “Q & A with Bob Clifford.” Clifford Discusses the future of the legal profession as well as his efforts to parse ethical challenges in the field of law.

    Chicago Magazine- March 2013
    The principal partner of Clifford Law Offices, Robert Clifford, was featured as #77 in Chicago Magazine’s “2013 100 Most Powerful Chicagoans.” Clifford is described as, “This pitbull is the unofficial dean of the Chicago legal community, with an enviable string of victories and high-profile leadership roles in law groups.” View the full list here. To read Robert Clifford’s profile on the list, click here.

    Chicago Lawyer- January 2013
    Robert A. Clifford was named as Chicago Lawyer’s 2012 Person of the Year. The featured piece discusses Clifford’s upbringing, education, and professional life as a trial lawyer. Read full article here.

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