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    WINK News- December 2015
    Robert A. Clifford, Founder and Senior Partner at Clifford Law Offices and Trustee of the Naples Children & Education Foundation, was interviewed by WINK News for a piece on early childhood care. The Foundation’s annual Winter Wine Festival raises funds to help children with dental care and eye care. Watch interview here.

    Sun Sentinel logo
    Sun Sentinel- November 2015
    Kevin Durkin, aviation attorney with Clifford Law Offices in Chicago, was quoted about the pilots in the Hawker jet accident saying, “if they weren’t dealing with an emergency, their cockpit instruments should have indicated that they were too low”. Read full article here.

    The Chicago Bar Association- November 2015
    Senior Partner, Robert A. Clifford penned a piece titled, “What Lincoln Means to Me” which was published in the February/March issue of the 2009 Chicago Bar Association (CBA) record. Read full article here.

    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin- November 2015
    Craig J. Squillace, an associate at Clifford Law Offices, was quoted in a Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article titled, “Will County record $4M settlement for highway accident,” about a wrongful-death suit. Read full article here.

    Modern Luxury Magazine- October 2015
    Robert A. Clifford was interviewed in a piece by the Men’s Book (Modern Luxury Magazine) for their section on The Lowdown VIPs. Clifford spoke about his television appearances, bringing style to the courtroom and art in Chicago. Read full article here.

    The National Law Review- October 2015
    The National Law Review featured Personal Injury Lawyer Bob Clifford and Clifford Law Offices in an article titled, “To Specialize or Not to Specialize, The is the Question for Attorneys.” The piece states, “He chose Clifford because he is well branded as the leader in aviation and personal injury litigation. We didn’t speak to any other law firms because who could possibly be better?” Read full article here.

    MSN- September 2015
    MSN’s Medical section featured an article titled, “Volkswagen Hires Kirkland Ellis to Defend Emissions Cases.” The piece mentions the Chicago law firm, “VW has brought in Kirkland & Ellis after several law firms in the US, including Clifford Law and Hagens Berman, filed class action lawsuits against the German company.” Read full article here.

    BBC- September 2015
    BBC interviews Bob Clifford of Clifford Law Offices in Chicago who filed a class action on behalf of VW customers on September 22, 2015. “Actions will be filed in district courts around the country,” he says. “These will be consolidated in a ‘multi-district litigation’, resulting in one very large overall claim to be heard in front of a single federal judge.” Read full article here.

    The Guardian- September 2015
    Clifford Law Offices was mentioned in The Guardian about how VW hired BP oil spill lawyers to defend emissions cases. Several law firms in the US, including Clifford Law Offices, have filed class action lawsuits against the German company. Read full article here.

    WGN Radio- September 2015
    The Honorable Henry R. Simmons (Ret.), Managing Partner at Clifford Law Offices, and Clifford Law is representing two Volkswagen owners who have filed a class action lawsuit against VW. Simmons (Ret.) joins Roe & Anna with a first-hand look at the future of this litigation and the extent of damages. Listen to full interview here.

    Chicago Tribune- September 2015
    Chicago Tribune covers VW lawsuit filed on Chicago plaintiff’s behalf by class action lawyer Robert Clifford. The lawsuit seeks class action status, compensatory damages, including those for “emotional distress,” and legal fees. The plaintiffs are seeking a jury trial. Read full article here.

    ABC News- September 2015
    ABC News includes in their Volkswagen emissions scandal story that in Chicago, a class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of Micah Dorn, who bought a TDI Clean Diesel engine Volkswagen Jetta in 2013, the suit filed by attorney Robert Clifford. Read full article here.

    ABC 7 Chicago- September 2015
    ABC 7 Chicago covers the VW emissions scandal interviewing Robert Clifford: “There are nearly 500,000 vehicles that are subject to this issue of manipulating the results of environmental testing and the impact of these allegations, if proving to be true by the government, are enormous for the consuming public,” says Clifford. Read the full interview here.

    Bloomberg Business- September 2015
    Bob Clifford was quoted in Bloomberg Business in an article titled, “Volkswagen Owners Want Payback”. “While it’s too early to say how VW diesel owners would be compensated, possibilities include payment for a vehicle’s loss of value, punitive damages for the company’s intentional misconduct and even money for people’s emotional distress” according to Clifford. Read full article here.

    Loop North News- July 2015
    Prosecuting attorney and principal partner at Clifford Law Offices, Robert A. Clifford was mentioned in an article about the Eastland Disaster by Marina City Online titled, “Eastland owners and crew ‘not guilty’ in capsizing that killed 844.” Clifford, for the prosecution, wrote his own closing arguments for the mock trial about the 1915 disaster in commemoration of its 100th anniversary. Read full article here.

    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin- June 2015
    Robert A. Clifford was featured in an article by Chicago Daily Law Bulletin titled, “100 years later, the jury convenes in Eastland Disaster.” Clifford was quoted about the S.S. Eastland, “As part of one of the history classes, they talked about the most tragic disaster ever to occur in the Chicagoland area.” Read full article here.

    Crain’s Chicago Business- June 2015
    Founder and senior partner at Clifford Law Offices, Bob Clifford was interviewed by Shia Kapos for a piece titled, “Bob Clifford’s going to an 800th birthday party.” Clifford said of the historic document, “It’s the fundamental framework that gives separation of power between government and people.” Read full article here.

    CBS Chicago- June 2015
    Clifford Law Offices Managing Partner, Henry Simmons (Ret.), was quoted in a CBS News article titled, “Family of woman fatally struck by CTA bus in Loop files lawsuit.” “If the facts uncover some deficit in either training or equipment, we will bring it to light and we’ll do that through the lawsuit and through the public forum that is provided through the court system,” said Simmons (Ret.) in an interview. Read full article here.

    Chicago Tribune- June 2015
    Robert A. Clifford was quoted in an article titled, “Lawsuit filed by children of woman killed in CTA bus crash” in the Chicago Tribune. “The Coath family was in the midst of planning Aimee’s daughter’s wedding and now this terrible tragedy has struck,” said Robert A. Clifford, senior partner of Clifford Law Offices. “This incident was so avoidable. The driver should have exercised more care in the operation of this bus. Aimee has been described as such a loving mother and a wonderful person. Her death is just so senseless.” Read full article here.

    WSJ- March 2015
    Kevin P. Durkin was quoted in an article titled, “Liability for Germanwings Crash May Still Rest With Airline, Insurer” in the Wall Street Journal. “Lufthansa could be liable for more than the approximately $150,000 the families of victims are automatically entitled to receive under international rules governing commercial flying,” said Durkin, a personal injury lawyer specializing in aviation at Clifford Law Offices. Read full article here.

    Bloomberg Business- March 2015
    Bloomberg Business quoted Kevin P. Durkin in an article titled, “Germanwings Crash Cause Means Recoveries ‘Uncapped’.” Durkin, an air crash liability attorney with Chicago’s Clifford Law Offices, said in a phone interview on Thursday, “That does not limit a person’s recovery.” Read full article here.

    The Week- March 2015
    The Week published a piece titled, “Families of Germanwings crash victims may be able to seek unlimited liabilities” quoting Kevin P. Durkin. Durkin, an air crash attorney at Clifford Law Offices in Chicago, told that the convention, “does not limit a person’s recovery,” and the claimants may be able to seek more. Read full article here.

    Crain’s Chicago Business- March 2015
    Clifford Law Offices was featured in an article in Crain’s Chicago Business about the Yellow Cab company filing for bankruptcy protection less than 24 hours after well-known plaintiff’s attorney, Bob Clifford, obtained a $25.9 million jury verdict against it. Read full article here.

    Northwest Herald- March 2015
    A piece titled, “Yellow Cab files for bankruptcy after verdict” published by Northwest Herald features a quote by Bob Clifford of Clifford Law Offices. Read full article here.

    CBS Chicago- March 2015
    CBS Chicago published an article that featured a quote by Clifford Law Offices’ founder Bob Clifford. Clifford said, “If you’re going to hold your brand out to the community and let the people rely on it, then you can’t have it both ways. You can’t get us to buy into that and then run away from responsibility if something goes wrong.” Read full article here.

    NBC 5 Chicago- March 2015
    Chicago’s NBC-TV channel 5 published a story titled, “Yellow Cab Files For Bankruptcy After $26 Million Verdict Source.” In the article, the Plaintiff’s attorney Robert A. Clifford was quoted saying the bankruptcy filing means his clients “may never see a dime.” Read full article here.

    ABC 7 Chicago- March 2015
    ABC 7 Eyewitness News in Chicago published a piece titled, “Yellow Cab Chicago Hit with $26M Verdict, Files for Bankruptcy.” Personal injury attorney for passenger Marc M. Jacobs, Robert A. Clifford, was quoted in the article. Read full article here.

    Chicago Tribune- March 2015
    The Chicago Tribune interviewed personal injury lawyer, Robert A. Clifford, on the company that operates Yellow Cab in Chicago recently filing for bankruptcy protection hours after a $26 Million verdict awarded to a real estate agent who was severely brain damaged in a high-speed taxi crash. Read full article here.

    Chicago Magazine- March 2015
    Robert A. Clifford, founder and principal partner of Clifford Law Offices located in Chicago, ranked at #76 on Chicago Magazine’s 2015 “The Power 100 List”. The fourth annual list of Chicagoans is based on who has the most clout and why. View the entire list here.

    Medill Magazine- January 2015
    Pamela Sakowicz Menaker, Communications Partner at Clifford Law Offices, a nationally recognized personal injury and wrongful death law firm in Chicago, was featured in an article published in Medill Magazine’s Winter 2015 issue.

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