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    Don’t Suffer in Silence – Let Clifford Law Offices Help Empower You to Taking Steps to Hold Wrongful Parties Accountable in Sexual Abuse/Sexual Assault Cases

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    The terribly wrongful actions of individuals and institutions who are responsible for sexual abuse and sexual assault are unacceptable. It has been coming to light that places where people feel safe – schools, college dormitories, work places, hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, hotels, mental institutions, and churches – are the very places where sexual abuse and sexual assault are occurring. Those responsible must be held accountable and acknowledge their wrongs and the irreparable harm caused to innocent people.

    Clifford Law Offices has represented victims of sexual abuse in a compassionate, confidential manner. In 2018, Robert A. Clifford obtained a $7.5 million confidential settlement on behalf of a plaintiff who was sexually abused by a social services provider. Clifford Law Offices brings a team of powerful lawyers who understand your plight. A civil lawsuit may be the start of achieving the justice and support you need as well as the chance to move on with your life.

    Survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault have been forever traumatized by the injustices committed against them. The lawyers at Clifford Law Offices work to achieve justice in civil courtrooms. That means bringing the perpetrators, including the institutions that may have been aware or should have been aware of these wrongful acts, to justice. Looking the other way should not and will not be tolerated.

    Sexual abuse means any unwanted touching of sexually sensitive areas of the body. It can be considered sexual assault. Even if clothing is being worn or an object was used to commit the sexual abuse, it may be the subject of litigation. Defendants may assert consent as a defense or that the victim is mistaken in some way regarding the defendant’s own misconduct. If the victim is a child, defendants will assert a diminished capacity to understand, or in the case of an adult, defendants may state that drugs or alcohol were involved. These are merely excuses in many instances. Sexual abuse lawyers at Clifford Law Offices will help victims and their families build the confidence necessary to confront those who are responsible and to hold them responsible for their predatory conduct.

    When suffering the shock, humiliation and pain of sexual abuse, monetary compensation may be the only way that the victim feels that justice can be obtained for the physical, emotional and psychological injuries suffered. In addition to obtaining monetary compensation for the victims, Clifford Law Offices attempts to bring about changes in behaviors or changes in institutional protocol, policies and procedures. The lawyers at the firm are your advocates. They champion each client’s right to be free of such victimization and realize the bravery it takes to come forward. The sexual abuse lawyers at Clifford Law Offices hire the best experts in the country to explain the mental health impact on clients as well as to articulate to the courts how clients are forced to cope with emotional and psychological issues forever.

    Minors in Illinois who have been sexually abused can come forward at any time, even after they become adults, due to a change in the law. In 2017, the Governor signed a bill into law that eliminates any statute of limitations for all felony criminal sexual assault and sexual abuse crimes against children. Illinois joins 36 other states and the federal government in removing criminal statutes of limitations for some or all sexual offenses against children. In a statement, Polly Poskin, executive director of the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault, said at the time of the elimination of the statute of limitations, “This law sends a message to survivors of felony child sex crimes that it is not too late to come forward and report to law enforcement.”

    Sexual Abuse Settlement

    $7.5 million- Plaintiff alleged sexual abuse claims against a social services provider.

    Victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault can be assured a completely confidential consultation at Clifford Law Offices to determine if they are entitled to justice in a civil courtroom. Holding responsible parties accountable through money damages can be a mighty sword for those who have been victimized and don’t know where to turn. If you or a loved one think you have been a victim of sexual assault or sexual abuse, contact Clifford Law Offices at 1(800) 899-0410. All consultations are free and completely confidential. There is no attorneys’ fee unless Clifford Law Offices is successful.

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