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Construction Accidents

When an injury takes place on a construction site, there are many reasons to hire an Accident attorney who practices at a personal injury law firm. These lawyers — such as those at Clifford Law Offices — will help you understand what legal rights you have, how the legal process can help you seek fair compensation and what the likelihood of success is for your claim.

An even more important reason to hire an attorney? The construction company, property owner, contracting/subcontracting company and all other parties that may be responsible for your injuries will send their legal teams into action immediately. If you do not do the same, you cannot hope to be on a level playing field when it comes time to seek compensation for your medical bills and other damages.

At Clifford Law Offices, our lawyers are unafraid to take on even the most massive legal teams hired by corporations and their insurance carriers, secure in our knowledge and experience in dealing with these types of complex tragedies. We have represented many people injured while doing construction work, including work on cranes and scaffolding. We also represent nonworkers who have been injured while at or near construction sites or who have been injured away from construction sites in Accidents involving construction vehicles.

We're Here To Answer Your Questions

Our clients ask us a wide range of questions in these cases, and we gladly provide them with answers and honest advice. Questions we are most frequently asked include:

Questions From Construction Workers

  • How will I pay my bills if I can't work?
  • Is the general contractor (GC), subcontractor or property owner responsible for my medical bills?
  • Does union membership affect my claim?
  • If another worker caused my injury, what options do I have?
  • What happens if defective construction tools or equipment caused my injuries?

Questions From Nonconstruction Workers

  • What can I do if I've been hurt by construction equipment?
  • I was in an Accident with a large construction vehicle — what can I do?
  • If I've been hurt near a construction site by falling tools, building materials or other objects, can I pursue a claim against the construction worker or construction company?
  • I was walking near a construction site and was hurt due to an unmarked construction hazard — who is responsible?

For answers to these or any other questions, please contact us to arrange a consultation with a member of our construction Accident team.

Construction Cases At Clifford Law Offices

A prominent example of our success in construction cases involved the scaffolding collapse at the John Hancock Building in Chicago. We represented injury victims and those who lost loved ones due to the collapse, and we ultimately secured a $75 million settlement for our clients.

We also obtained a$6.8 million settlement for a 37-year-old mother of two who fell through the Styrofoam flooring of a home under construction, which she had been invited by the builder to see.

In another case, Kevin Durkin, a partner at the firm, obtained a $2.95 million settlement for a construction worker who fell through an unsupported roof on a project at Chicago's Navy Pier and fractured his pelvis and wrist.

Robert Walsh, also a partner at Clifford Law Offices, obtained a $2.67 million settlement on behalf of a 45-year-old plumber and father of three who fell six stories to his death at a Chicago construction site.

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